Sleep Collar in Viscoelastic Polyurethane Foam

Ambassador for better sleep

Anti-Snore Partner SwedenAB is the international company behind the patented Eezyflow® Sleep Collar – a sleep collar in viscoelastic polyurethane foam.

Mand sover med sove krave i polyuretan

The purpose of this physiologically designed sleep collar is to free the airways, so that nocturnal snoring is reduced, and the user can obtain a better night’s sleep and thus an increased quality of life. The sleep collar can be used both at night and when travelling.

Sove krave i polyuretan til rejsebrug

A geometrical advanced piece

TinbyA/S entered into a close development partnership with Anti- Snore Partner SwedenAB to develop the sleep collar. TinbyA/S wants to be a strong business partner when it comes to raw materials, technology and processes – even with complicated products such as Eezyflow® Sleep Collar.

Krave i blød polyuretan

Better known as memory foam 

Eezyflow® Sleep Collar is cast in viscoelastic flexible polyurethane foam – better known as memory foam. The polyurethane is shot into a movable aluminium mould, ensuring that the ideal angles for volume and ventilation are achieved. The mixing of the raw material is done mechanically in a high-pressure machine.

This way, a completely homogenous material is achieved, which is a prerequisite for casting the collar. The viscoelastic foam is snow white, which sets high quality demands for the mixers and processors that must be kept completely clean. 

praktisk krave  støbt i polyuretan

  • Customer statement

    ”In the product development stage, Anti-Snore Partner SwedenAB needed a supplier like TinbyA/S. Various suppliers had previously bid on the job, but without achieving a satisfactory quality. The challenge was to produce a specially designed physiological sleep collar in soft memory foam for the use within health and personal care. Tinby A/S succeeded in meeting this demand far beyond expectation – not least in relation to the high quality demands we had set for this CE-certified, medical technical product, classified in 'Class 1' by the Swedish Läkemedelsverket.”


    Ann-Christine Krook, CTO

    Anti-Snore Partner Sweden AB



    Snorke krave i viscoelastisk polyuretan



    About the polyurethane

    • Memory foam

    • Very soft material

    • Aesthetically pleasing surface

    • Pressure relieving and supportive

    • Can be cast with other components



    Læs om snorke kraven i viscoelastisk polyuretan

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