Tinby Energy Box ALU


Insulation in compliance with EnEV, consisting of two foam-moulded PUR half shells with coarse grain aluminium sheet casing fixed by means of guide elements (groove and tongue system) and tightening straps. The surface of the Tinby Energy Box in ALU design is diffusion-resistant. 


Thus, it can also be used for the cold water sector. In the event of media temperatures of less than 12° C, all joints and seams must be protected against condensation by carefully covering them with adhesive aluminium tape; silicone may be additionally used for covering.



  • Material: PUR rigid foam
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.026 W/m*K
  • Bulk density: 60 kg/m³ +/- 5
  • Ambient temperature: max. +130° C
  • Fire classification in compliance with DIN 4102: B2, normally inflammable (highest possible classification for PUR foam!)

Insulation casing

  • Material: Coarse grain aluminium sheet, moulded (AL)
  • Colour: Metallic, aluminium
  • Fire classification in compliance with DIN 4102: A, non-flammable

Joining technology: Groove and tongue system, as well as external tightening tongue/straps made of non-corrosive material.

Type overview

  • Energy Box


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