• New newsletter out now

    21. March 2019

    This spring edition of our newsletter has updates on topics such as 1) news about our new plant in Latvia, 2) the Tap Stool from Normann Copenhagen – something for which PUR can also be used...

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  • New pultrusion plant opening in Latvia

    11. March 2019

    Tinby is the pleased to announce the opening of their new 1,100 sq.m. plant in Latvia - where we will focus on the manufacture and distribution of pultruded products to our customers.

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  • Meet us at this year's trade fairs (incl. a brief guide to the trade fairs)

    06. March 2019

    2019 is going to be an exciting year for trade fairs as far as Tinby is concerned - one in which we hope to meet not only many of our current clients, but also a lot of potential new customers from around the world. Perhaps that includes you?

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