Unibody Solar Water Heater

Based on the highly insulating PUR “Climate Cover Technology”.

Produced for Aguasol International ApS 

The Unibody solar water heater is sold and marketed by Aguasol International ApS. The solar water heater is a patented and branded product used for the heating of, for instance, private homes. It is made by Tinby A/S from moulded foamed polyurethane and was awarded the Cleantech Prize 2009.

'Climate Cover Technology'

In cooperation with Aguasol Tinby A/S developed the special type of polyurethane which is now known as 'Climate Cover Technology'. It is suited for applications in which first-class insulation has high priority – e.g. in this solar water heater. The special PUR has extremely good insulating properties and is suited for encapsulating vital parts and sheltering them from frost and rough weather conditions, etc.

Solar water heater in polyurethane

Increased effect and energy savings

The water tank, the absorber and the glass plate in the Unibody solar water heater are all moulded into one single polyurethane cabinet. Thus the effect of the solar heating plant is increased considerably, and the energy loss is reduced. The solid outer PUR shell provides the solar water heater with a nice surface and a simple expression.

Experience with large dimensions

This solar water heater is but one of the products that prove Tinby’s vast experience with complex products of large dimensions as well as the development of special raw materials which insulate and provide a wear-resistant surface. PUR is among the insulation materials available that has the highest thermal efficiency. In this way it is possible to achieve maximum energy efficiency – also with small wall thicknesses.

  • Customer statement

    ”From our first contact and until we saw the final result, Tinby has acted very proactively and persistently to solve the challenges we were facing. We chose Tinby as the supplier of our moulds, and I can warmly recommend them because they really assume the responsibility for providing the proper moulding quality. Their knowhow and literacy are unique worldwide, which others in our line of business have experienced and confirmed, too.”


    Morten Fuur,

    CEO, Aguasol





    Facts about PUR 'Climate Cover Technology'

    • 170 g/l foamed black PUR
    • Specially designed and highly insulating
    • Weather-proof
    • Resistant





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