Design in foamed PUR

Foamed PUR - freedom of design and high finish guarantee

With foamed PUR you have freedom in both finish and design. Tinby can not only mould curved surfaces and recesses in polyurethane foam. We can also make more complicated details such as cross-sectional changes or reinforcements for reinforcements.

In addition, bushings, reinforcements, handles, electronic parts and much more can be embedded in the same workflow, which makes later assembly work superfluous. 

Items in foamed PUR can be shaped with a greatly varying thickness of the same item. In addition, the volume weight can be adjusted to the requirements of the workpiece. Workpieces can be cast from 100 g to 50 kg. Products made of polyurethane foam can also be painted in any colour shade you want.

Application of foamed PUR

Polyurethane foam can be used in many areas due to the versatility of the material, for example:

  • Enclosures for, for example, the electronics industry and the healthcare sector
  • Tubs and covers for machines
  • Spring elements and shock absorbers for production and transport equipment
  • Roof priming
  • Furniture

Through collaboration with other companies, we have developed, for example, the Chairik conference chair for Engelbrechts and the Boxter bike box for Triobike, both in polyurethane foam.


Foamed polyurethane has many advantages

Foamed polyurethane combines a lightweight material with high rigidity. These properties make the material ideal for, for example, insulation products, cabinets for the electronics industry and the health sector, as well as products that require low weight requirements. Furthermore, the benefits include:

  • Thicknesses that can be varied from 5 to 100 mm in the same casting
  • Threaded bushings and the like. can be cast so that the workpiece can be joined with other parts
  • Varnishing with conductive varnishes is possible
  • Foamed PUR is hot and cold insulating
  • Better acoustic damping conditions than wood
  • High stability and low weight
  • Foamed PUR is suitable for insulation against high current, low current and leakage current


Contact us

If you have any questions about our foamed polyurethane, please feel free to contact us. We can help you with know-how, sparring and production development concerning different variants of foamed PUR.

Contact us on tel. +45 64 89 14 40 or contact our managing director Michael V. Therkelsen.