Design with Flexible Polyurethane

Flexible PUR is a perfect material for furniture. Particularly for parts of the furniture being in physical contact with the users - e.g. seats, chair backs and handles.

Flexible PUR is soft, protecting, springy and elastic - and it offers the possibility of various surfaces from smooth to structured.

Flexible PUR: Strong and Durable

Wall thicknesses from 4 to 100 millimetres / 1/8 of an inch to 4 inches is an obtion.

Optionally, modifications of the polyurethane matrix makes it possible to meet certain classification criteria in terms of fire performance and ignitability.

Flexible PUR provides a high degree of comfort for the users since the material is very comfortable to touch. Also, the surface is so strong that the material will stand rough, daily use. Flexible PUR will stand disinfection and temperatures up to 80º C.

The parts made of flexible PUR are often a characteristic of the design of the end product. Thus, the finish of these components is often important for the overall impression of the design.

Wear Resistance

Massive, flexible PUR is extremely wear resistant. It is used for example as soles on support legs for construction equipment and as dampers in cold storage warehouses.

  • Flexible polyurethanes are all around us

    They are one of the most versatile groups of plastics. Find inspiration in our cases.


    Puslepuden Matty - i fleksibelt PUR


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