Foamed PUR

Foamed PUR - freedom of design and high finish guarantee

Foamed PUR practically leaves the design entirely up to you.

Not only is Tinby able to mould curved surfaces and recesses in foamed PUR. Also more complex details such as changed cross sections or reinforcements moulded in are possible.

Bushes, reinforcements, handles, electronic parts etc. can be moulded in - in the same sequence of operations. This makes subsequent mounting jobs unnecessary.

Components of foamed PUR can be shaped with considerable varying wall thickness of the same component. Also, the density can be adapted to the specific requirements of the component.

We are able to mould components from 100 grams to 50 kg and paint components in any shade required.

Applications of foamed PUR include cabinets for the electronics industry and the health care sector, vats and covers for machines.

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