TOPO Insulation Caps

Insulation caps for valves and fixtures

TOPO Insulation caps are used for insulation of valves and fixtures, and are produced in polyurethane (shortened to PUR). PUR has a practical lambda value of less than 0.028 W/mK, which means that there are great amounts of energy to save when insulating with these caps.

Reduces heat loss

TOPO Insulation caps reduce heat loss and improve the heating economy significantly. Further-more, a more pleasant working temperature is achieved in the rooms where the caps are in use. Fits most valves and fixtures TOPO Insulation caps are an efficient and flexible solution when fixtures and valves need to be insulated, and the caps fit almost all types of valves and fixtures. 

Easy to install

A TOPO Insulation cap adapts easily, so that it can be installed in hard-to-reach places. If, for example, caps have to be installed on closely spaced valves, they are easily adapted as needed by using a saw or knife – and without losing the insulating power at that. Adaption may be nec-essary in connection with older installations where the distance between pipe and wall is not prepared for insulation.

Further benefits when using TOPO caps

  • Seamless inspection and replacement
  • The caps are reusable
  • Application temperature: -8°C to +120°C
  • Fire-resistant in class B2 according to DIN 4102
  • Resistant to most acids as well as rot, dry rot or mould
  • Non-absorbent as regards moisture


  • Insulation with polyurethanes



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