PIR / PUR foam plates

PIR/ PUR sheets – an easy material to process

At Tinby Skumplast in Søndersø, we produce foam sheets and blocks in PUR (polyurethane) and PIR (polyisocyanurate). PIR / PUR foam is a cellular plastic commonly referred to as a rigid or hard foam plastic.

PIR / PUR foam sheets are distinguished by being resistant to water, mould, chemicals, high temperatures - and they have a relatively low flammability. The PIR / PUR foam is manufactured in sheets, blocks and sandwich panels.

PIR / PUR foam sheets are a lightweight material that is easy to work with. It can be easily machined with a saw or knife. Furthermore, the material is adhesive, screw-resistant and can be glued with several different adhesive types.

PIR/ PUR foam sheets as an insulating material

Insulation with PIR / PUR foam sheets is relatively new in the Danish construction industry. The material is used for the manufacture of insulation panels for facades, roof structures, floor structures, in doors and windows. PIR / PUR foam plates are used as insulation, where optimal insulation as well as high compressive strength and stability are essential. It has a closed-cell structure and high crosslinking density, which means that it has excellent insulation properties, good heat resistance and high compressive strength.

Tinby Skumplast also supplies insulating sandwich panels and structural parts for refrigerated trailers, trucks, residential vehicles, commercial vehicles and trailers for the automotive industry. The company has over 40 years of experience with PIR / PUR foam sheets and sandwich panels for this industry.

PIR/ PUR foam sheets

Due to the very low thermal conductivity of the material, even a thin layer of PIR / PUR foam sheet achieves the same energy efficiency level that most other insulating materials achieve at thicker layers. Therefore, less material is used to insulate buildings. Although all types of insulation can help improve a building's energy efficiency and reduce its carbon dioxide emissions, PIR / PUR foam sheets are one of the most effective materials available. It can be used both for new construction and for renovation.

The many advantages

  • Good insulation at narrow thicknesses
  • Long life span
  • Shape-proof and dimensionally stable
  • High compressive strength
  • Water-resistant and does not absorb moisture
  • Resistant to mould
  • Chemical resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Can be machined with cutting tools
  • Screw and impact resistant
  • Adhere
  • Easy to combine with other materials
  • Can be prefabricated in custom sizes

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