PUR - and the Wind Energy Market

Focus on climate: strong collaboration with the wind turbine industry

Polyurethane contains many development opportunities for material in the cleantech industry, not least turbine components for wind turbines.

In relation to the wind turbine industry, the development opportunities lie first and foremost in the fact that PUR is a light material that has very high strength and very good machining possibilities. Features that are particularly interesting for wind turbine manufacturers.

Polyurethane offers a wide range of capabilities to the wind energy market.

At Tinby, we have strong positions with parts such as:

  • Lightweight core materials and sandwich construction
  • Covering and construction parts
  • Vacuum films and bags

  • Transport components

  • Balancing blocks

  • Lightning cables

  • Prototyping


Polyurethanes for the Wind Energy Market

At Tinby A/S, we enter into close relationships with our partners to develop and implement projects aimed at bringing production of PUR solutions into the world. We thus cooperate with, among other things, wind turbine manufacturers and product developers.

A collaboration is typically achieved in a way that the wind turbine manufacturer develops and defines clear requirement specifications for the items, while we at Tinby A/S provide technical know-how including design and practical competencies. Thus, this collaboration ensures the best solutions in relation to form, function and quality.


At Tinby A/S, we are constantly developing new solutions for the wind industry, for example:

- innovative elastomer solutions
- optimized prototype solutions
- new glass laminate solutions
- advanced core technology in core materials
- lightweight material and sandwich structures
- lightning cables
- vacuum films and bags
- parts for covering and construction
- wing cores, balance blocks and transport components

We offer:

- cost optimization
- low-cost production
- volume production
- production from own production plants in Denmark, Poland, Latvia, China and the USA
- high quality

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'Tinby A/S and the Wind Energy Industry':