PUR 150 Energy

A cost-efficient and suitable for lightweight parts in windmill blades

PUR 150 Energy is a polyurethane blend that is able to withstand high temperatures. This material can be used with different types of core materials and is suitable for casting complex items of varying thickness.

As this raw material provides a tough finished product and even materials with very thin dimensions do not become brittle. Thus, the item becomes durable, shock resistant and easy to work with.

PUR 150 Energy is a raw material that lets you mould large, complex items. This material is easy to process and thus cost-effective when used in manufacturing, resulting in a competitive end product. The surface is easy to sandblast and treat, and can be adapted to all geometrical forms.

This material is easy to combine and mould with other construction materials and is well suited to the production of for example wind turbine blades.

Within the wind turbine industry PUR 150 Energy is used because of its low density, its durability and wide range of uses.


  • PUR 150 Energy

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