Tinby in China

Tinby’s factory in China is located in Suzhou, a city with 7 million inhabitants, just about 2 hours’ drive from Shanghai.

The factory covers an area of 5,500 m2 and was established in 2010.


Distribution to the Green Tech segment

The city of Suzhou is commonly regarded as the cradle of the Wu culture and is one of the oldest cities located along the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Here, Tinby manufactures, among other things, moulded polyurethane for a number of industries, primarily for distribution to clients within the green tech segment, including a significant amount of manufacturing for the wind turbine industry.

The products are sold primarily to customers in the Asian local markets.

”As a member of a group that is currently enjoying a period of growth in exports and an increase in its manufacturing activities, we must be in a position to deliver competitive, high quality products in the markets our clients work in,” says our CEO Torben Nielsen.

”We work hard at maintaining an ongoing dialogue with our clients, which helps us to find solutions together. Often the clients’ global needs can best be served by having a local presence or by creating a globally competitive solution at one factory,” he explains.


Close and innovative cooperation

Tinby’s advanced polyurethane solutions are developed through working closely and innovatively with our clients, and meeting the challenges that the global development presents to the individual company, is a part of our day-to-day work.

Tinby China is located in the immediate vicinity of another of SP Group’s subsidiaries, SP Moulding, who manufactures injection moulded plastic precision components for a wide range of industries.

A solution is always possible within the group synergy

"Within the group, a strong synergy exists which allows us to create exciting solutions for our clients," says Torben Nielsen, who adds at the end that global focus stimulates growth and thus also jobs at the factory in Denmark.


  • Denmark in China


    Since 2010, Denmark’s trade with China has grown rapidly, and today China is Denmark’s 6th largest market. Since the end of the 1970´s when Deng Xiaoping opened up China after Mao Zedong’s almost 3 decade-long period of isolation from the rest of the world, the Chinese people have enjoyed a much higher standard of living and are now emerging from their previous state of poverty.


    SP Group


    The SP Group´s total workforce outside of Denmark increased by approx. 17% in 2015. The group has focused its efforts on CSR and wants to be a workplace that creates value for the inhabitants in the local area

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