Growing interest in flexible PUR in Germany

Article – 05 October 2017

Disruption – a new word that has gradually crept into the Danish language. We use the word “disruption” when a new form of technology or a new product unexpectedly and very rapidly transforms or replaces existing products or models. Disruption kills an existing market, industry or technology and replaces it with a new and better product.

It is both destructive and creative at the same time. Disruption is thus a sign of a world that is going through change, which we must adapt to if we are to survive.

Things are about to change

Calling the trend of replacing wood with PUR within the furniture industry disruptive is probably something of an exaggeration. Nevertheless, something does seem to suggest that changes are on the way.

German industry has a decades-long tradition of using flexible polyurethane in the huge automobile sector, where PUR is a recognised choice of material for seat and backing upholstery, in the upholstering of interiors, in soundproofing and for moulded items such as instrument panels. More recently, however, the German furniture industry has also spotted the opportunities that exist for designing items in flexible PUR, and our German colleagues at Tinby Germany can feel the impact of this as PUR gradually replaces the use of wood and other more traditional materials to a greater and greater degree.

And with good reason.

PUR can match the aesthetic requirements with regard to colour, shape, structure and exclusive surfaces, and that is why this material appeals to the innovative furniture designer who is seeking to follow dynamic, new paths.


In order to meet this growing interest as efficiently as possible, Tinby has strengthened its sales organisations in both Denmark and Germany, so that we have a team that not only possess an in-depth knowledge of how business is conducted in Germany, but one which is also familiar with German culture. This helps to ensure that our clients receive the best service available. 

Being international is one of Tinby’s particularly strong core values. And by this, we mean that we collaborate with clients, no matter where in the world they are, and that we focus on giving them our full attention and strive to make them feel as if we are just around the corner despite the distance that may exist between us, communicate in their language, and understand their culture, attitudes and customs.


Close to the local market

Geographically, Germany is a large country and, as a supplier of client-customised polyurethane solutions to Germany from plants in Denmark and Poland, we at Tinby, make giving our German clients the highest levels of service and availability one of our top priorities. With just a 4-hour drive from our plant in Zdunska Wola in Poland to Berlin, Tinby can certainly call itself a local market player for our German clients.


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