Quality Policy

For Tinby to ensure its continued positive development, we will continuously consolidate, review and improve our status as a supplier of the finest quality.

Tinby shall be known as a highly competent, professional and efficient supplier, in which active client collaboration will increase earning capacity.

Wherever possible, improvements of technology and processes must be part of the effort to achieve zero defect production; this must be achieved by active risk mitigating approach to all the organizations processes.

Product quality must as minimum match customer demands and comply with customer requirements and expectations.

Supply security must be exceptional, so the specified packaging and shipping delivery terms are met.

Business conditions and announced changes must be controlled and clarified in due time before they take effect.

Advising clients and offering preparation should be done as considerately as possible. Aiming at improved customer satisfaction and creation of long term customer relations.

Based on the above Tinby will obligate itself to follow applicable regulatory requirements and to ensure continual improvement in its quality management system.


Environmental policy

Tinby A/S, who works in the plastics industry, has its main basis in the production of technical parts for selected customers. This partnership requires a high-quality level and well-defined process level.

Tinby A/S will impact the external environment as little as possible, taking into account available technology and what is economically feasible.

Based on the above, Tinby A/S commits itself to protecting the environment through continuous improvements in our processes, consumption of raw materials, energy consumption, and minimization of generated waste and transportation needs.

In cooperation with our customers, we will work actively to minimize our environmental impact and, from a lifecycle perspective, find solutions for recycling our waste products and if possible, produce near our customers.

Tinby A/S will influence its suppliers to use sustainable processes, raw materials, products and services. Suppliers with certified environmental management system will be preferred for the selection and approval of new suppliers.

Tinby's employees must be made aware of the environmental impact of their actions through training, information and risk-based thinking, thereby promoting our environmental responsibility and ability to contribute to continuous improvements.

Tinby A/S will comply to all applicable environmental legislation and other environmental requirements that the organization has acceded.


Occupational health and safety policy.

Tinby A/S considers a good working environment to be crucial for employee well-being, customer satisfaction and business success. Therefore, we promote a culture where injury to employees is unacceptable.

We will develop a proactive safety culture in which everyone, through a high degree of involvement, is co-responsible for responding to and reporting unsafe behavior and identified hazards.

This must be achieved through active stance on work environment risks, thorough instruction and training of our employees and lead to the prevention of accidents and illness among employees and others who could be exposed to dangers in connection with Tinby A/S activities.

We will recognize and motivate our employees for ownership, initiative and give them the opportunity to contribute with solution proposals, as well as participate in the implementation of improvements to ensure a high-quality working environment.

We will ensure compliance with applicable legislation and other occupational health and safety requirements.

Tinby A/S will be a presentable workplace with a good development.


(source: M.1237.QEO rev. 24)