Our customers are global and local users of polyurethane solutions within business areas such as electronics, energy, auto, furniture, healthcare, construction etc.

Our clients include Siemens, N&W Global Vending, Danfoss, Glunz & Jensen, Struers, LM Windpower, Kompan, GE Healthcare, Frigoglass, Pressalit, Dainippon - and many more.

There is always a solution within the group

Many factors are at play when you choose production method for plastic components, including size, quantity, units, lifetime cycle, material requirements and design. Choice of production method is not static; it often changes during the lifetime of a product. Thanks to SP Group’s collective competencies, we are always ready with advice and offer our customers the optimal production method.

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LM Windpower
N&W Global Winding
Glunz & Jensen
Randers + Radius
Magnus Olesen

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    Polyurethanes are all around us. They are one of the most versatile groups of plastics.

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    Puslepuden Matty - i fleksibelt PUR

    Matty the Changing Mat
    - in Flexible PUR




    PUR for rehab sector