Our strategy is based on growth and international expansion

We intend to achieve our strategy by continuing to increase our visibility in the market and by expanding our capacity both in Denmark, Poland, People’s Republic of China and in the USA. We strive to be an innovative, reliable and competitive partner for our customers all over the world.

Know-how, technology and processes

We also intend to stand out as a business partner by continuing to develop our know-how in design, raw materials, technology and processes. We believe it is vital to build competencies in these areas so that Tinby can continue to provide solutions that add value for our customers.

Product development and research

In a partnership with our customers, we thus continuously invest in product development. Also, we participate in relevant research projects on a regular basis.

Skills, hight performance and high flexibility

We believe that a high level of skills, high performance and high flexibility are the cornerstones of being an attractive business partner.

Long-term partnerships

The above mentioned elements are not static in a constantly changing world. As a result, we aim to build long-term partnerships with our customers, and to achieve this, the constant improvement of our skills, performance and flexibility is a vital part of our strategy.

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    Tinby wurde 1972 gegründet und ist heute Skandinaviens führender Anbieter von Rohlingen und Formteilen aus massivem, flexiblem und verschäumtem Polyurethan.