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Article – 4 October 2017 

When you work with the advanced development and the production of technical items in materials such as polyurethane, as we do at Tinby, it is important that we are able to live up to the responsibility we have of being a strong business partner for our clients. Things are happening fast in the area of development. Markets and organisations are constantly evolving. And we are constantly being challenged by precise requirements concerning quality and efficiency levels.

Our success, and thus the client’s success, is defined during the development and implementation phase. That is why we continually strive to improve how we do things, find more rational ways of working, and also why we continually work at creating the best, most highly-qualified team possible – not least of all in our technical department.


A department that is constantly evolving

Tinby’s technical department is made up of engineers and technicians who operate out of Denmark as well as our department in Poland – a department that is ready to adapt to changes as necessary, one that is constantly evolving and developing.

Niels Bomholt (Head of the Technical Department) represents the younger generation of engineers, who enter the industry after graduating from higher education, with the latest knowledge of processes and technology. Putting together an organisation in which innovative ideas and experience go hand in hand, is one of Tinby’s strengths. The 45 year old company considers trust and respect for one another’s professionalism to be one of the cornerstones of their core values, and a prerequisite to appearing credible in eyes of the client. In addition to the younger engineers, the technical department can also draw on the experience of experienced engineers and technicians with 10, 20 and even 30 years seniority – employees who possess a great store of specialised knowledge within the company’s areas of competences – specialist knowledge that can only be built up in-house.


Project teams – where innovative ideas and experience go hand in hand

Being able to combine such a wide range of technical resources is one of our greatest strengths. Tinby has developed a model which is put into practice as soon as a client presents them with a development project. As early on in the process as possible, Tinby puts together a project team consisting of those professionals in particular who are most relevant to the project under consideration.

“No two development projects are alike”, explains Morten Fogh Møller. “That is why we put together our task force teams on a project-to-project basis, so that the teams include competencies and experience that are geared to that project’s specific area.

Organising things in this way ensures systematic and efficient planning, coordination and implementation of the project.”

What Tinby aims to do is to act as an extension of the client’s resources, providing know-how and experience, and we are only too happy to take responsibility for most of the value chain – from the concept, construction and development stages to manufacturing, processing and distribution.

“Customers can involve Tinby to the degree that they feel is necessary,“ says Morten Fogh Møller. “And in our experience, for many companies this provides a much needed helping hand in their hectic daily activities.”

Tinby has a great deal of experience in managing complex projects, handling large or small outsourcing tasks, and in developing new components and complete systems, from the idea stage to the finished project – and Tinby’s technical department is one of the cornerstones that supports these activities.


Continual internal and external training

Providing our employees with ongoing internal and external training is something that is done as a matter of course. Only by creating a dynamic workplace which continually evolves are we able to create the best for our clients.

Industrial chemist, Jørgen Rasmussen, confirms this:

“We need to come up with fresh ideas and stay updated on the latest technological developments in our field, both here at home and also abroad, in order to provide the best link possible between our clients and the production unit.”

Jørgen Rasmussen, plastic process technician and industrial chemist. In his 20th year of employment with the company.

Jørgen Rasmussen is one of a handful of employees who built up his experience at several plastic manufacturers within the SP Group.

This sharing of resources creates an important synergy effect, where a plastic solution can always be found within the group’s own operations. As we know, the SP Group produces moulded articles using all types of plastic and carries out surface coating on plastic and metal items, and today, is the leading supplier of processed plastic items to Danish industries. In addition, its export and manufacturing activities are experiencing growth in its own factories in Denmark, Poland, Latvia, Sweden, Slovakia, China, the USA and Brazil.


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