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Plastic process technician at Tinby

16. October 2017

Plastic process technician at Tinby

Meet Martin Rungstrøm. 27-year-old Martin is a plastic process technician apprentice at Tinby A/S in Søndersø, and is one of the approximately 60 young people who are trained annually for a future career in the plastics industry.


At Tinby A/S, one of our important tasks is to train the labour force of the future. “We need skilled labour, so we take our training responsibilities very seriously“, says Jan Nørgaard, head of production at Tinby. “We are a company that has existed for 45 years, and during all those years, we have trained both plastic process technicians and other professionals on an ongoing basis. Hiring an apprentice means shouldering some of the responsibility for shaping a young person during their training and helping them to understand their profession and the skills it requires. In addition to Martin, who is a plastic process technician apprentice, we currently have two other apprentices at the plant in Søndersø”, explains Jan Nørgaard.

The plastic process technician apprenticeship is a vocational education that takes 4 years. Martin Rungstrøm from Tinby is, therefore, attached to Den Jydske Haandværkerskole (The Jutland College for Tradesmen) in Hadsten – a college that has been highlighted as one of the country’s best technical colleges in several surveys.

During his apprenticeship as a plastic process technician, Martin will learn how to set up moulds and tools, and will be taught all he needs to know about working with the manufacture of plastic products, not only within the field of PUR and hardened plastics, Tinby’s area of specialisation, but also within such areas as injection moulding, extrusion and thermoforming – technologies that can all be found at Tinby’s sister companies in the SP Group. In addition to learning how to set up, start, monitor and maintain machines and robots, Martin will also learn how to calculate costs involved in the manufacturing process and to plan and develop plastic production.

“I think it’s an exciting field”, says Martin. “At Tinby I am learning how to work in teams, and how to work together with all links in the value chain. I want to become a plastic process technician because plastics is an exciting field that offers many job opportunities”, he concludes.

Martin hopes to be able to specialise in polyurethanes.

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Facts about the plastic process technician course

  • Approximately 30,000 people work in the Danish plastics industry. A number of them are plastic process technicians.
  • A plastic process technician operates and maintains machines and robots, checks the quality of products, and troubleshoots and supervises the plastic manufacturing process.
  • The plastic process technician course is offered by Den Jydske Haandværkerskole (The Jutland College for Tradesmen) in Hadsten or by AMU-SYD (Adult Vocational Training – Southern Region) in Ribe and is only available in Denmark.
  • Danish plastic manufacturers guarantee a work placement to all motivated young people who would like to become plastic process technicians.




Meet our other apprentices at Tinby A/S


undefinedOliver, apprentice engineer

Oliver is learning all about thermal machines ad equipment, process analysis and administrative management. “As an engineer, I could end up working in project management, environment and quality, operations, maintenance or with electrical installations and IT technical systems. It certainly won’t be boring, that’s for sure”, says Oliver, who is currently assigned to Tinby’s metal workshop.




undefinedYasin, IGU (Integration Basic Education) apprentice

Yasin joined the apprenticeship scheme via the 3 year IGU (Integration Basic Education) programme that was set up to upgrade the qualifications of refugees in order to meet the needs of companies and the labour market.









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