PUR - and the Wind Energy Market

Polyurethane offers a wide range of capabilities to the wind energy market.

At Tinby, we have strong positions with parts such as:

  • Light weight core materials and sandwich construction
  • Lightning cabels
  • Vacuum films and bags
  • Covering and construction parts
  • Balancing blocks and transport components
  • Prototyping


Polyurethanes for the Wind Energy Market

Close Partnership 

The polyurethane solutions for the wind energy markets are all results of a close partnership with the manufacturers.

The manufacturers develop and define clear specification requirements to the items. Tinby offers technical design, know-how and practical skills.

We work closely together to find the best possible solution.

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Wind Energy Hamburg

Meet us at Wind Energy Hamburg 2018. Tinby and SP-Group are part of DWEA in the Danish pavillion.



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