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New ISO certifications at Tinby

14. March 2016

The air was filled with pride and happiness last Friday when we were presented with the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications for our environmental and occupational health and safety management. 

The presentation of the certifications, which could not have been achieved without the united effort of our entire staff, was marked with a small celebratory reception also attended by Rikke Nørrevang and Karl Laursen from Bureau Veritas.


What are the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications all about?

With the ISO 14001 certification, a company commits itself to behaving in an environmentally responsible  manner and contributing towards a sustainable society.

The aim of the certification is to help the company manage its environmental impact and work actively towards improving the environment by optimising the company’s production and processes.

To achieve the certification, the company must, among other things, map out its entire environmental impact and consider possible improvements.

The company is also required to comply with all environmental rules and regulations and to continuously work on improving its environmental performance. In short, we as a company are now obliged to use as environmentally friendly products as possible in our production, to produce as little waste as possible, and to reuse whenever and whatever we can. In addition,  we must work to ensure a good work environment for our employees - and one in which we consider our environmental impact as much as possible. 

The OHSAS 18001 certification concerns how we look after ourselves and each other. Here, our company must be able to document our efforts to prevent work-related accidents, for example, and we are also obliged to register all near-accidents so that we can take measures to minimise the risk of accidents.

This means that our efforts to ensure a safe work environment will be systematised even further. And the shared attitude in our company will be clear: you should not expose yourself or others to danger.

One of the most important requirements of both certifications is that, besides documenting what we do, we are also obliged to show that we are continuously working on improvements. 

Congratulations to all Tinby employees on achieving the certifications.

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