About Tinby

Established in 1972, Tinby is today's leading subsupplier of polyurethane solutions in Denmark - and one of the largest in Northern Europe.

World Wide Production Sites

Tinby has modern production sites in Denmark, Poland, Latvia, China and the USA. We deliver polyurethane solutions to international customers all over the world.

Our Mission

... is to develop, manufacture and deliver polyurethane solutions to a wide range of companies world wide. 

In addition to customized solutions, we offer systems and logistics solutions.

What we offer

  • 45 years of experience and knowhow
  • Unique knowledge of material technology
  • Certified quality solutions
  • High reliability of supply
  • Competitive prices


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    Tinby blev grundlagt i 1972 og er i dag Skandinaviens førende leverandør af formstøbte emner i massiv, opskummet og fleksibel polyuretan samt kombinationer heraf.


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