Polyurethane - versatility and endless possibilities

Polyurethane - better known as PUR

Polyurethane, commonly referred to as PUR, is a thermoset plastic material that is produced by carefully calculated reaction process in which two liquids are mixed and pressed into a mould. The material reacts in the mould and gets the desired shape.

The material properties of PUR are determined by the choice of basic liquid materials and additives. The art consists in knowing all the possibilities of variation and getting the most out of the material concerning the desired properties, including controlling the desired material properties such as the density and cell structure of the polyurethane. A tempered PUR plastic is shock-absorbing, withstands high loads and abrasion. Since PUR is tempered, it cannot be remelted and recycled easily. However, there are different ways to recycle PUR partially and completely depending on the process. You can read about the different methods here.

PUR has many possibilities

Due to the wide variation in density, stiffness and abrasion resistance of the final PUR product, it has many different applications. We supply moulded items in both solid, foamed and flexible PUR.

Solid PUR combines hard material with high impact strength which makes it ideal for products that have a protective purpose. With solid PUR you can realize very sophisticated designs that traditional plastic can rarely match.

Foamed PUR combines a lightweight material with high rigidity. These properties make the material ideal for, for example, insulation products, cabinets for the electronics industry and the health sector as well as products that have low weight requirements.

Flexible PUR combines soft material with high strength properties, including high abrasion and breaking strength. Flexible PUR is especially good to use for those parts that come into physical contact with the user, such as the seat, backrest and handles. Furthermore, it provides a comfortable feeling and is soft to the touch.

Experience and know-how

At Tinby, we have extensive experience and know-how in developing recipes on PUR materials to achieve the desired material properties.

Polyurethane has a high breaking and abrasion resistance, is super-efficient for insulation, has good thermal, chemical and electrical properties - and can also be produced with very low weight.

We can supply moulded items in solid, foamed and flexible PUR. Polyurethane can with its special properties replace wood and even aluminium.

Tinby's core competencies are casting, surface treatment and refining of polyurethane products. We primarily operate in four segments:

  • Cabinets
  • Flex (e.g. ergonomic parts for furniture)
  • Cleantec (components for the renewable energy sector)
  • Design

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    Polyurethanes are all around us. They are one of the most versatile groups of plastics.

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