Polyurethane - versatility and endless possibilities

Polyurethane - shortened to PUR - is a thermoset plastic material. 

Versatility and popularity

Only few products can compete with polyurethanes in terms of versatility and popularity. From thermal insulation to cabinets, from fenders to furniture. Polyurethane is found everywhere in modern life - in your chair and bed, in the house you live in, in your car – all the items we use every day may contain polyurethane.

A carefully calculated reaction process

PUR is produced in a carefully calculated reaction process where two liquids are mixed and pressed into a mould. The material reacts in the mould to get the desired shape. 

Material properties are determined by the liquid materials and additives selected. The trick is to know all variation possibilities and get the most out of the material in relation to the desired properties, including managing and controlling the desired material properties such as the density, the cell structure, etc. 

Wide know-how in development of receptors

Tinby has a broad experience and wide knowhow in terms of development of receptors on PUR materials to obtain the desired material properties.


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