Polyurethane - endless possibilities

Tinby, one of Northern Europe's leading plastics companies, has been working with polyurethane since 1972.

Polyurethane - commonly referred to as PUR - is a material that can be used in endless products. Polyurethane is a plastic product that - depending on the chemical process - can vary in density and stiffness. It is a material providing a broad scope of use; either used on its own or as a composite material such as steel, fibreglass, wood or other plastic types. 

It is found in the following materials and products, among others:

  • Thermosetting plastics
  • Cellular plastics
  • Adhesives
  • Fillers
  • Insulating materials
  • Cabinets
  • Furniture parts

At Tinby, we produce materials in moulded polyurethane within the following product areas:

Flexible PUR

Flexible polyurethane combines soft material with high strength properties including high abrasion and breaking strength. These properties make flexible polyurethane ideal for, among other things, furniture, baby equipment, play equipment, disability aids and products for the rehabilitation sector.

Flexible polyurethane is especially a good material to use for the parts that come into physical contact with the user, such as the seat, backrest and handles. This is because the material is extremely pleasant to the touch and provides a high level of comfort. Furthermore, it is easy to clean as flexible polyurethane can withstand temperatures up to 80º C.

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Matty puslepude i formstøbt polyurethan

Matty, the changing mat for Leander in flexible polyurethane


Solid PUR

Solid polyurethane combines hard material with high impact strength making it ideal for products that have a protective purpose. It can be used for, among other things, cabinets for electronics, medical equipment, car parts and complicated items from 200 g to 25 kg.
With solid polyurethane, you can realize very sophisticated designs that traditional plastics can rarely match. Let your imagination fly with a material that can be designed so only design, function and aesthetics determine the end-result.

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Louis Poulsen lampeskærm i massiv polyurethan
LP Grand, Louis Poulsen top reflector in solid polyurethane


Foamed polyurethane

Hard polyurethane foam combines a lightweight material with high rigidity. These properties make the material ideal for, among other things, insulation products, cabinets for the electronics industry and the health sector, as well as products that require low weight requirements.
Polyurethane foam gives you free rein in terms of shape and design. At Tinby, it is also possible to make complicated details such as cross-sectional changes. In addition, bushings, reinforcements, handles and much more can be cast, which makes later assembly work redundant.

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The Triobike Boxter – made with foamed PUR


Insulation products in highly insulating polyurethane

Tinby produces insulating materials in highly insulating polyurethane, including insulation caps for virtually all types of valves and fittings - just like we develop and supply customized polyurethane insulation solutions.

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Højisolerende polyurethan

Insulation caps from Danfoss in highly insulating polyurethane


Ventilation Products

Tinby´s sister company TPI-Polytechniek BV develops and sells concepts for ventilation of industrial buildings as well as poultry and pig farms.

The products are manufactured by Tinby in Poland.

You can read more about TPI-polytechniek BV here.



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