Polyurethanes for the Window Industry

PUR for Window Profiles

Polyurethanes are often used due to its convenient low lambda values and good thermal insulation properties

Polyurethanes may be processed like wood and is very useful in window profiles. 


Polyurethanes with low lambda values: 

Lambda value approx. 25 mW/m·K

Insulating Foam 50 g/l
Super lightweight and insulating PUR is used where high demands are made on insulation properties and mechanical requirements are minimal.

Lambda value approx. 30 mW/m·K

Sandwich Constructions 150 g/l
Combines the advantages of lightweight, super insulation with that of a hard, strong surface to achieve a resistant profile. 

Lambda value approx. 65 mW/m·K

Construction Foam 450 g/l
A density of approx. 450 g/l results in an extraction and impact similar to wood, but still with half the lambda value. Unlike wood, PUR does not split or crack when screwed into or machined with cutting tools.



Advantages when using PUR in Window Profiles

  • PUR is heat, noise and electrically insulating
  • PUR can be machined
  • PUR can be painted and lacquered
  • PUR allows but a minimum of water absorption
  • PUR has good adhesion properties
  • PUR is temperature resistant -40°C > +90°C
  • PUR allows variable wall thicknesses


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  • PUR for the window industry

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