Insulation Caps

Insulate with polyurethane

Insulation caps for valves and fittings

Tinby's valves and fittings are made of polyurethane with a lambda value of less than 0.027 W / mK. Therefore, there is a great deal of energy savings to be gained by insulating valves and luminaires with insulation caps from Tinby.

Reduces heat loss

Insulation caps reduce heat loss and lead to significant economic benefits. In addition, a more comfortable working temperature is achieved in the rooms where the sheaths are used.

Suitable for most valves and fittings

Tinby's insulating sheaths are an effective and flexible solution for insulating fittings and valves, and the sheaths fit almost all types of valves and fittings.



Easy assembly

Insulating caps can be easily processed so that they can be mounted in places difficult to reach.

If, for example, caps must be mounted on tight-fitting valves, the caps can easily be adjusted with saws or knives as needed - without loss of insulation abilities. Adaptation may be necessary in, for example, older installations where the distance between pipes and walls is not prepared for insulation.

Other advantages of insulating caps

  • Seamless inspection and replacement
  • Reusable
  • Operating temperature within -8ºC to + 130ºC
  • Fire-resistant class B2 according to DIN 4102
  • Withstands most acids and is not attacked by rot, fungus or mould
  • Does not draw moisture