Design in solid PUR

Solid PUR: Freedom of design and high finish guaranteed

By means of solid PUR you can realize even very advanced designs. In that way, you get free rein in terms of shape and design with a material that can be shaped in ways that both function, aesthetics and design determine the result.

Curved surfaces, lacquering or moulded details can very precisely be made in a simple process. It is difficult for traditional plastic to match these possibilities.

At Tinby we mould complex components in solid PUR from 200 gram to 50 kg. Components can be moulded with ribs, recesses, snap functions and numerous additional moulded details. We are also able to provide the component with a conductive paint in order to protect the electronics from unwanted radiation.

It is possible to mould in parts such as bushes, reinforcement and electronic parts in one sequence of operations, making subsequent mounting jobs unnecessary.

Large items can be moulded at competitive prices in small batch sizes.

Frequent changes in models or designs are also economically possible. Tinby is able to produce any component in solid PUR – your imagination is the only limit.

Areas of application of solid PUR include, among others:

  • Cabinets for electronic and mechanical devices
  • Instrument boards and auto parts
  • Complicated parts from 200 g to 25 kg


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LP Grand, Louis Poulsen top reflector in solid polyurethane



  • Solid PUR is used in products such as:


    • Cabinets
    • Dashboards
    • refrigerators and freezers
    • Car parts
    • Complicated parts from    200 g to 25 kg.