PUR for insulation


Polyurethane - excellent insulating properties

Since 1972, Tinby, one of Northern Europe's leading plastics companies has worked with polyurethane, which is a thermosetting plastic that can be used in a variety of products.

Polyurethane, often abbreviated PUR, is a type of plastic that has very good properties concerning insulation. PUR insulation is therefore used in many types of products, for example in the construction industry.

Casting high-insulating items in PUR is one of Tinby A/S' core competencies, and since project management and development of customized customer solutions are also one of our strengths, many insulation products in PUR start in collaboration between Tinby's and the customer's development departments.

The low lambda value of polyurethane of less than 0.028 W / mK means that there are large amounts of energy to be saved when using polyurethane in products where good insulation properties are an important parameter. Insulation with PUR improves the building's energy efficiency and reduces heat and cold waste, which in the long-run has a positive impact on climate change due to the low emission of carbon dioxide. 


Hot and cold insulating thermosetting plastic

Polyurethane is both hot and cold insulating.

We have developed PUR insulation products ourselves and in collaboration with other companies.


kulde og varme isolerende PUR

At Tinby we have developed our own insulation caps for valves, fittings and district heating installations. PUR insulation caps reduce heat loss and significantly improve the heat economy and thermal efficiency.

Furthermore, PUR insulation can be used in window profiles and mouldings. Since polyurethane can be processed like wood, it is ideal for the production of window profiles, where reducing energy loss is a crucial factor.


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If you have any questions regarding PUR insulation, please feel free to contact us. We offer know-how, sparring and product development in relation to your upcoming insulation projects. Tinby manufactures and moulds materials for PUR insulation at factories in Denmark, Poland, China and the US and supplies polyurethane materials worldwide.

Contact us on tel. 64 89 14 40 or on email tinby@tinby.dk.




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