Ropox: Wet Room Furniture - Protective and Comfortable

Wet room furniture for the rehab sector – made with flexible integral foam.

Produced for Ropox A/S

Make a difference

Ropox is among the world’s leading specialists within assistive technology products and furniture for the disabled as well as equipment for occupational and physiotherapeutic rehabilitation.

The Ropox products are recognised and appreciated worldwide for their high quality, flexibility and great user-friendliness.

Unique material for the rehab sector 

Tinby casts a range of the polyurethane foam parts that are part of Ropox’s products, for example the bathing seat and back for the shower tip-up seat, and the lamellae for the changing/shower bed that are all cast in the same flexible polyurethane foam. 

Tinby støber lamel til bruseleje i PUR

Polyurethane foam is particularly suitable for the rehab sector as PUR - because of its softness - protects the user from bumps and injuries while also having grip-friendly surfaces. Also, the material is robust, with great durability, and will easily withstand daily use.

PUR insulates, feels comfortable – and not cold – against the skin. Thus, the material is very suitable for furniture parts getting in physical contact with the users. 

Water-repelling and easy to clean

The shown Ropox products are used in wet rooms. So, the PUR used has been given a water-repelling and non-slip surface and is easy to clean with regular soapy water. 

Sæde i polyuretan - støbt af Tinby for Ropox


  • Customer statement

    ”We see the PUR parts of our products as the most important, as this is where the user comes into physical contact with the products. So, during development of these parts, there were many high demands for, for example, colour tone, hardness, waterproof and non-slip properties, etc. Furthermore, the cast had to be of optimum quality on all sides of the products. This complicated development, but luckily, Tinby found the right mix of material composition and production process, so that all demands were met and the product came together nicely.”


    Andreas Marxen,

    Product Manager, Ropox A/S




    Facts about the polyurethane

    • Flexible integral foam
    • Cast around a reinforcing inlay
    • IMC-lacquered (in-mould coating)
    • Acts insulating, and never feels cold against the skin
    • Is in compliance with REACH and RoHS regulations according to 2002/95/EC and 2011/65/EU, and does not emit phtalates 
    • Easy to clean with soapy water



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