Silky-smooth furniture surfaces with PUR

PURE and DRY – chairs in flexible integral foam

Produced for Randers+Radius Randers A/S

Quality, workmanship and finish at its best

Randers+Radius is among Denmark’s leading manufacturers of architect-designed designer furniture for the canteen, conference room or meeting room.

Randers+Radius stands for quality, workmanship and finish when it is best

Silkebløde møbler i polyuretan

PUR for furniture production

Flexible polyurethane is an ideal material for the production of furniture. It is durable, grip-friendly, always stays at room temperature, and never feels cold. It is furthermore possible to cast wood or metal assembly parts into polyurethane products.

The silky-smooth surface can be easily cleaned with regular soapy water, and the material will appear beautiful – even after many years of use. 

Sculptural design options

TinbyA/S has 40 years of experience in developing unique casting moulds that for example make it possible to achieve structural surfaces or striking of the finished piece.

Polyurethane can be varnished and dyed in a wealth of combinations. Hardness and material thickness can be regulated down to the last detail. Thus, ergonomics, functionality, and design all come together, and the result is a robust and beautiful piece of furniture that is easy to maintain – just like the DRY and PURE chairs. 

Sæde og ryg i polyuretan fra TInby

  • Customer statement

    ”When we developed the PURE chair in 2007, we trawled through the Danish and Scandinavian markets in search of polyurethane suppliers. We wanted to find a business partner that could supply the finish and quality that characterises our furniture. That demand reduced the shortlist of suppliers. We chose Tinby A/S who had great experience with the production of furniture components. Since then, we have extended the product portfolio of flexible polyurethane chairs with the DRY chair, since polyurethane has unrivalled qualities within strength and comfort. The development process has taken place in close collaboration with Tinby A/S who, throughout the process, has been professional in their feedback and consultancy. Tinby A/S and Randers+Radius are an alliance. Together, we are successful in creating the most optimal products, benefitting both partners, and in the end, also the end user.”


    Lars Andersen,

    CEO, Randers+Radius Produktion A/S 


    Randers Radius

    Facts about this specific PUR

    • 300 g/l flexible integral foam

    • Cast around a reinforcing inlay

    • IMC-varnished (in-mould coating)

    • Silky-smooth surface, always pleasant against the skin

    • In compliance with REACH and RoHS regulations according to 2002/95/EC and 2011/65/EU, and does not emit phtalates




    DRY og PURE i polyuretan fra Tinby

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