Chairik - Conference Room Furniture w/ PUR parts

Furniture for exacting and quality-conscious users

Engelbrecht A/S is a furniture manufacturer who designs and markets modern and timeless furniture for exacting and quality-conscious users in cooperation with designers and other specialists.


In search of a Danish supplier

The popular Chairik chair has been on the market since 1996. In 2014, Tinby A/S took over the production of the polyurethane parts in the Chairik chair because Engelbrecht wanted to switch to a Danish supplier.

Beautiful design and elegant finish

Chairik is a fully cast shell chair, cast with a small wall thickness and from 400 g/l integral foam around a large reinforcing inlay of steel. In spite of the slim design, the finished chair does not show any marks of the steel reinforcement. The flexible PUR feels nice and soft and easily adapts to the body shape. A chair made from polyurethane never feels cold when you sit on it. The shell is in-mould coated, i.e. it is painted while still in the mould during the same process as the actual casting. This ensures a smooth and wear-resistant surface.

Acoustically absorbing

Polyurethane is acoustically absorbing, therefore perfectly suited for furniture such as the Chairik chair, which is frequently used in large auditoria, conference rooms and halls.

  • Customer statement

    “We continuously challenge and further develop our products and production methods; and we wanted to produce the CHAIRIK from polyurethane in order to ensure a softer and more comfortable shell that would flatter the chair and its surroundings. CHAIRIK PUR is an all-round chair that can be used indoors as well as outdoors. We are very pleased with the result and have extended our production line to include the CHAIRIK XL BENCH made from PUR.

    We choose Tinby as our partner because we wanted a Danish supplier who could live up to our requirements and delivery standards. Tinby proved itself a competent and professional sparring partner throughout the entire process.”


    Morten Engelbrecht, 

    Design Director 


    Facts about the polyurethane foam in Chairik

    • 400 g/l flexible integral foam
    • Cast around a steel inlay
    • In-mould coating in a variety of colours
    • Easily cleaned with soap and water
    • Acoustically absorbing



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