Matty the Changing Mat - Soft, Exquisite and Clean

The MattyTM changing mat – made with flexible integral foam

Produced for Leander A/S

Puslepuden Matty i fleksibelt polyuretan

L for Leander

Leander is an international company designing furniture to and for children. The company has specialized in creating furniture that inspires and stimulates play, movement, creativity and development. 

Part of the development phase

Leander contacted Tinby A/S wishing to create a high quality changing mat in a material not previously seen on the market.

Tinby A/S was involved from the early development phase which meant that quality demands and functionality were integrated into the thought process from the start, based on the possibilities and limitations of the polyurethane foam. 


Several densities in the same cast 

The soft lying surface of the changing mat MattyTM is achieved by regulating conditions and compositions of the raw materials formula and the process parameters.

One of the special qualities of polyurethane foam is precisely the possibility of achieving several densities in the same cast. Thus, the changing mat MattyTM consists of a soft core in 200 g/l, and a 2 mm outer layer where the polyurethane foam is 500 g/l. 

Water-repelling and easy to clean

The surface of the changing mat is lacquered with a two-component lacquer that makes the material water-repelling and easy to clean. Furthermore, the surface is fade-resistant with a high UV resistance.


Tinby støber puslepuden Matty



  • What the customer says

    At Leander, we are not afraid to use Danish suppliers, with whom we share the same language, in more than one way. We came with the idea without prior knowledge of the material. Tinby had the experience and knowledge of PUR, and to us, they are what we call an expertise partner. Projects rarely run in a straight line, but with mutual commitment and joint goals, we achieved an end product that will set a new standard for what is possible in PUR for the baby market, both functionally and aesthetically.”


    Tommy Refshøj,

    CEO, Leander A/S


    About the polyurethane

    • 250 g/l flexible integral foam
    • Two densities in the same cast (2 mm outer layer in 500 g/l, and an inner core of 200 g/l)
    • Cast around a reinforcing MDF plate
    • Lacquered with UV-resistant and water-repelling lacquer
    • Died core, cast in varying material thickness
    • Acts insulating, and never feels cold against the skin
    • Easy to clean with soapy water
    • Is in compliance with REACH and RoHS regulations according to 2002/95/EC and 2011/65/EU, and does not emit phtalates 




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