Baffles for speakers




The baffle on the award-winning speaker series Confidence from Dynaudio is produced at Tinby from our solid polyurethane material to elevate the quality and technologies in the speaker.

Dynaudio has been making hand-crafted high-end loudspeakers since 1977. Its mission is to reproduce exactly what the artist intended in the studio.




Why Tinby?

Dynaudio came to Tinby with an interest in our polyurethane material in the spring of 2018. The company was interested in a material that could be formed to tight tolerances and deliver a high-quality acoustic performance, all while showing off a premium finished design. Our polyurethane initiated a conversation. It began with an interest in its benefits, and discussions around what the PUR could do for the product. Choosing the right supplier for sound quality, acoustic precision and finish were crucial factors for the team at Dynaudio: they were central to the baffle’s initial development, and have continued throughout the journey to the finished product.


About PUR

By means of solid PUR you can realize even very advanced designs. In that way, you get free rein in terms of shape and design with a material that can be shaped in ways that allow function, aesthetics and design determine the result.
At Tinby we mould complex components in solid PUR from 200 gram to 50 kg. Components can be moulded with ribs, recesses, snap functions and numerous additional details. We are also able to provide the component with a conductive paint to protect electronics from unwanted radiation.
Polyurethane is perfect for cabinets, insulation, and panels because the material has a better acoustic damping ratio compared with wood. The Confidence series benefits from the stiffness of the lightweight material and its resistance towards impacts and scratches.




German Design Award Gold 2020

The award is given to pioneers who contribute to the German and international design scene. According to the jury, the Confidence 50 won the German Design Award Gold 2020 because of its slim silhouette and eye-catching baffle – in the category ‘entertainment’. The jury gave special attention to the baffle made from polyurethane.

“The baffle is made out of composite material and creates an acoustic lens, designed specifically to direct the sound towards the quality-conscious listener. Every curve, edge and angle of the baffle is designed to control and optimise the sound waves perfectly.”

… as it is said in the jury’s reasoning.


Facts about solid polyurethane

Complicated parts from 200 g to 25 kg.
Large items can be moulded at competitive prices in small batch sizes.
Able to produce any component in solid PUR – your imagination is the only limit.
Wide variation in density, stiffness and abrasion resistance of the final PUR product.
We supply moulded items in foamed and flexible PUR.