The Pause Chair: Wear-resistant stacking chair in light design

Functional seats

Magnus Olesen A/S was established in 1937 and has since developed and manufactured, among other things, high-grade functional seats in cooperation with the leading designers and architects of our times. When Magnus Olesen chooses a supplier, the company makes sure that the supplier lives up to its procurement rules concerning production, environmental and employee conditions. Being certified according to e.g. ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001,Tinby A/S meets all these requirements.


Design based on polyurethane

Flexible polyurethane provides many opportunities to obtain a beautiful and unique design. Busk+Herzog who designed the Pause chair wanted the material to have a light and simple appearance that looks good from the front as well as from the back. PUR easily complies with this requirement because items can be cast so all surfaces have a beautiful finish.

Comply with most stringent strength requirements

The robustness of PUR means that the chair meets the most stringent strength requirements by the Danish Furniture Inspection Authority (Furn-Tech) as regards choice of raw material and production method. PUR is extremely resilient, which makes it highly impact resistant. Therefore the Pause chair is a very wear-resistant quality product for large office facilities, institutions, halls and other rooms where many people are gath-ered. In addition, PUR is easy to clean and has a flexible anti-scratch surface.


  • Customer statement

    “We decided to extend our series of Pause chairs with a model
    made form PUR because of the material prop-erties it provides
    and which make PUR perfect for the care sector. PUR
    meets this sector’s very strict re-quirements for easy cleaning,
    high comfort and resistance to daily use and wear. We chose
    Tinby as our sup-plier of PUR because we know them from
    previous jobs and know that they can deliver the high level
    of quality that our customers require; Tinby is thorough and
    has longstanding experience with this line of business. It is
    important for us to always choose a supplier who lives up to
    our core values and who is loyal and credible when we speak
    of quality, knowhow and security of supply.”


    Mette Nørgaard Blendstrup,

    Sales & Marketing Assistant



    About the polyurethane

    • 400 g/l flexible integral foam
    • Cast around a wooden inlay
    • In-mould coating in several colours
    • Wear-resistant and easy to clean
    • Flexible and anti-scratch surface