Polyurethane Seat: The Tap Stool (Normann Copenhagen A/S)

Original and wear-resistant design

Normann Copenhagen A/S is a Danish design company with a mission to create original products in a simple and modern design – and in a quality that withstands daily use. Among many other things, Normann Copenhagen sells the Tap Stool designed by Simon Legald who won the German Design Award “Special Motion” in 2016.



Wear-resistant seat made from polyurethane

Tinby A/S moulds the polyurethane seat for the Tap Stool using flexible integral foam. Normann Copenhagen wanted to achieve a material that was not only solid; it should also be nice to sit on. The Tap Stool is a stool that can be used as an extra seating and, when not in use, it can be stacked and stored in a small place. Therefore wear resistance was an important issue when trying to develop durable design furniture that withstands daily handling.

Solid and sealed surface

The polyurethane seat of the Tap Stool is cast in an aluminium mould in one single process. Thus we obtain a beautiful item without any joints. The core of the item has two densities as the outermost 2 mm are more solid than the innermost core. The item has a sealed surface that makes the seat durable, dirt-repellent and easy to maintain. The PUR seat is painted in the mould, using a non-toxic water-based paint that merges with the polyurethane and will not be worn through.

  • Customer statement

    “During our design processes we always seek to use exciting materials in new ways. This often results in great challenges, more than with “traditional” production methods. Manufacturers tend to adhere to production methods they know well, but this may impede the development of new and exciting designs. The design of our Tap Stool provided quite some challenges with regard to obtaining nice and even surfaces, venting in the moulds and demoulding the items without ugly stripes caused by the mould. Tinby was of great help to us and accepted the challenge. The result is a super nice stool with exactly the expression we had hoped for. And where the legs seem entirely incorporated in the soft PUR seat.”


    Søren Stryhn Petersen






    Facts about the PUR

    • 300 g/l flexible integral foam
    • Cast around a strong wooden inlay
    • Two densities in the same item
    • In-mould coating in several colours
    • Wear-resistant
    • Easy to clean with soap water

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