The Beat Chair

Personality shaped by organic design

Savir Design is a Danish furniture manufacturer whose designs and styling incorporate sustainability and solid craftsmanship.

This is at the heart of every process. When the company presented the idea of an innovative new chair to furniture architect and designer Thomas Pedersen to enlist his help in turning this new product into a reality, they had a clear picture of what they wanted: To combine all the best features of shaping in traditional plastic, wood and veneers with the greater design freedom that PUR offers as a material.

The idea was to allow the chair to contribute something new in terms of appearance, design and seating comfort. The result was The BEAT Chair – a chair that radiates personality through every facet of its instantly recognisable, organic shape.


Freedom of design meets functionality

Tinby moulds the seat and back for The BEAT Chair in flexible, integral foam – a material that allows a great deal of freedom in design and offers a wide range of user-benefits including its durability.

The BEAT Chair has been awarded both EN1022 and EN16139 L2 “extreme use” approvals, which indicates that the chair is particularly suitable for use in places such as airports or hospitals. PUR makes it possible to achieve a high level of seating comfort.

This is especially advantageous in environments where upholstered furniture cannot be used due to heavy wear and tear, or for reasons of hygiene. PUR is a bacteria-resistant, easy to clean material that gently shapes itself according to the user.

PUR also has a noise and vibration-dampening effect, does not contain phthalates or other harmful substances, and is a material that lives up to RoHS and REACH Compliances. The BEAT Chair has been tested to support a body weight of up to 200 kg.


  • What the client has to say

    The BEAT Chair is everything we dreamed of. We had a good Danish design and needed it to be produced in the highest quality possible at the right price – and Tinby came highly recommended. We got in touch with them, found we spoke the same language, not only figuratively, but also in terms of being on the same wavelength when it came to our ideas, and so we wasted no time in starting our collaboration on production of the PUR seat and back for The BEAT Chair. Today, we have an attractive chair made out of fantastic material that is certified for use in many different environments, and we are already experiencing a growing demand for it. Work on this project with Tinby was an intense period in which careful attention to every detail was required, and there is no doubt that having a Danish partner who was not only close geographically, but also understood the quality requirements we came with, made the whole process easier. Tinby understood this.”


    Karsten Andersen
    Partner, Savir Design




    Facts about polyurethane used in The BEAT Chair


    • has a noise and vibration-dampening effect
    • bacteria-resistant and easy to clean
    • gently shapes itself to the body
    • aesthetically-pleasing surface
    • extremely hard-wearing 


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