N&W Global Vending - PUR for effective temperature resistance

Tinby A/S cooperates closely with N&W Global Vending as supplier of cabinets and integrated parts for their vending machines.

N&W Global Vending is known for producing reliable vending machines of high quality that are characterised by innovative technology based on the latest developments in the vending machine industry. Expanded PUR is temperature resistant from -40º to 90º C. Polyurethane is therefore the perfect choice of material for the cabinets, providing top insulation with considerably better insulating properties than for example mineral wool. This means that PUR allows N&W Global Vending’s drinks to maintain the right temperature, whether hot or cold. In addition, this choice of material makes it possible to place cabinets with hot and cold drinks next to each other without any effect on the temperature of the drinks.

Tinby A/S is responsible for large parts of the value chain – from idea to complete systems – and takes care of casting, installation and delivery to N&W Global Vending's manufacturing line.