Beehives: A niche product cast in foamed polyurethane

A PUR niche product with 20 years “under the belt”

Aulumgaard A/S is a company with a long tradition for sales and marketing of products and equipment for the beekeeper industry.

For more than 20 years, Tinby has produced beehives for Aulumgaard A/S. The products are excellent examples of the many applications of polyurethane, and of the many varied types of products that PUR is used in.


Sandwich structure with high insulation properties

The beehives are cast in a sandwich structure which adds a hard shell, and thereby a stable and resistant material.

The PUR in the beehives is high insulating, and even though the beehives are placed outside all year round, the material can endure the weather conditions. The PUR is completely maintenance-free and stays fully functional year after year.

Polyurethane can be died in many colours. In this case, a colour that blends in well with the surrounding environment has been chosen.

  • Customer statement

    “It says a lot about the material that after 20 years in the industry, we still see the first beehives in full use. PUR is an incredibly resistant material.

    No matter what job we have contacted Tinby about we receive an answer and professional feedback on our products. We have negotiated a framework agreement for our products, and it is of great importance to us that Tinby has the products ready when we need them. We have a close working relationship with Tinby, and when we agree on something, the end result is what we agreed on. This gives us great peace of mind.”


    Michael Petersen,

    CEO, Aulumgaard A/S


    About the polyurethane

    • 150 g/l foamed PUR
    • Stable sandwich structure with low density
    • Excellent insulation properties and high impact resistance
    • Weather-resistant
    • Died in a colour that blends in well with nature
    • Is in compliance with REACH and RoHS regulations according to 2002/95/EC and 2011/65/EU, and does not emit phtalates




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