Spacious Bicycle Box

TrioBike Boxter – made with foamed PUR

Produced for TrioBike A/S


User-friendly cargo bikes

TrioBike designs safe and user-friendly cargo bikes that are customised for families with young children, making it possible to transport anything safely and easily through town – from up to four children and groceries to Christmas trees and many other things.  


Small batch sizes at competitive prices

Tinby casts the box for Boxter in foamed polyurethane – in one casting. This means that the box has no sharp edges or joints. This part is a good example of how it is also possible to cast very large parts in polyurethane, even in smaller batch sizes and at competitive prices.  


A very sturdy material

Foamed PUR is a very sturdy material with a high impact resistance, and it is resistant to bumps and scratches. The PUR tolerates high temperature fluctuations without losing its performance; it acts insulating, and is very suitable for the Danish weather conditions.


  • Customer statement

    “My collaboration with Tinby is long-standing and positive. From the start, Tinby has been a full-service consultant on everything – from tools and materials to design and separation methods. Our demands for the product were given in advance, and based on these, Tinby has customised the procedure, so that the end product reaches the segment precisely. Among our wishes for the PUR were the options to be able to embed bushings, bolts, and nuts into the material – a factor resulting in us getting the exact competitive model, which TrioBike Boxter is today, just right.” 


    Sammy Eisinger,

    CEO, TrioBike A/S



  • Facts about the polyurethane

    • 500 g/l foamed PUR
    • Cast in one casting
    • No joints or sharp edges
    • Re-lacquered in several colours
    • Very sturdy material
    • Tolerates high temperature fluctuations