News from Tinby

WindEnergy Hamburg

12. August 2016

September 27rd through 30th, Tinby A/S will be participating at the global on- and offshore expo ”Wind­Energy Hamburg”.

WindEnergy Hamburg is one of the leading expo’s in the world with 1200 exhibitors from all parts of the world, covering the whole value chain both onshore and offshore.

You will find us at stand no. B1 EG/312 as a part of the Danish National pavilion.

At our stand you will also find our sister companies Gibo A/S and Brdr. Bourghardt AB.

We look forward to presenting our capabilities within the wind energy market, where we already have strong positions with parts such as:

  • Light weight core materials and sandwich construction
  • Lightning cabel
  • Vacuum films and bags
  • Covering and construction parts
  • Balancing blocks and transport components
  • Prototyping