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An injection of new Tinby blood into the PUR division’s board of directors

09. October 2017


Sales & project manager, Michael V. Therkelsen of Tinby A/S, was appointed to the PUR division’s board of directors at the most recent annual general meeting. At the same meeting, Tinby CEO, Torben Nielsen, stepped down as chairman of the board after having served in this role for a number of years.

“There is a lot going on within the field of PUR development at the moment and I hope, therefore, that my work within the PUR sector of the plastics industry will contribute toward providing our clients with cutting edge solutions using this fascinating, multifunctional material”, explains Michael V. Therkelsen.

And he goes on to explain: “The PUR division provides a focal point for the Danish Plastics Federation members who work with polyurethane, and we are working hard to promote the use of PUR, and to support the research and development work that is being carried out in relation to it. In addition, we are also attempting to clarify and resolve environmental and safety issues in close collaboration, naturally, with the Danish Plastics Federation.”

About the work itself, Michael says: “We enjoy an informal and open exchange of information on questions that are of interest to the sector as a whole, and I am convinced that we can make a big difference when we work together across areas of interest, needs, companies and organisations.” 

We congratulate Michael on his appointment and wish him every success in his new position on the board!


About polyurethane

Polyurethane is a thermoset plastic and an extremely versatile type of plastic. The material has a large number of special properties that make it suitable for use where other materials fall short, such as high durability and tensile strength, noise and vibration-dampening properties. It is also a super-efficient insulator, possesses good chemical, thermal and electrical properties, plus this material can be moulded into various types of components. At Tinby, during our more than 45 years of experience in the field of polyurethane and polyurethane solutions, we have worked with many formulas within the main categories of integral foam, solid, flexible integral foams and elastomers at our plants in Denmark, the USA, China and Poland.


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