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Tinby A/S acquires LM Skumplast A/S

09. January 2017

LM Skumplast A/S in Tjæreborg has a new owner, Tinby A/S of north Funen - a part of the stock-market listed company SP Group. The acquisition will provide clients with even more insulation-solution options within the construction and food industries for instance, using polyurethane (PUR) with which both companies have extensive experience.

Our service, facilities and staff remain unchanged. However, the ownership of LM Skumplast A/S located on Industrivej in Tjæreborg, changed at year's end. As of 6/1/2017, the new owners of the company will be Tinby A/S in Søndersø on Funen - a plastics company, and a part of the listed SP Group A/S.

“We are extremely pleased about the acquisition of this Jutland company. By joining forces with LM Skumplast A/S, we will strengthen our ability to further develop and manufacture insulation materials” said Torben Nielsen, Managing Director of Tinby A/S. Tinby A/S is a significant player in the field of polyurethane manufacturing for four primary elements: cabinets, flex, greentech, and design.

LM Skumplast A/S has expanded several times since its founding in 1978, and manufactures polyurethane-based panels and profiles with strong insulating properties for customers within the refrigeration and transportation sectors, as well as the construction industry.

“The new ownership, cooperation and our common goals make both of our companies even more competitive as innovative manufacturers of polyurethane products,“ adds Torben Nieslen who goes on to explain:

“The plastic material polyurethane, which LM Skumplast A/S and Tinby A/S both have a great deal of experience in, is the best insulation material on the market. It can reduce the thickness of insulation material in, the wall of a building or in a refrigerated trailer by up to 30-40% compared with more recognized stone and glass wool materials - while delivering precisely the same quality of insulation. At the same time, the material is known for, among other things, its low absorption of moisture and its rigidity, it is easy to install and is easy to finish off by sawing, cutting or grinding. This, makes it a prime material for the insulation of almost anything from houses and refrigerated trailers to refrigerated storage rooms, and used as technical insulation within many industries.”

Tinby A/S will now be able to further develop its already numerous insulation products, which include insulation jackets for valves and district heating installations, window profiles, heat exchangers, containers, etc. “We manufacture for both our own product portfolio and OEM clients, and also act as a subcontractor,“ explains Torben Nielsen.

After the change of ownership, LM Skumplast A/S´ activities will continue at the same pace - from the Tjæreborg facility, and Director Kim Hansen will continue in his role as director of the firm. He is looking forward to the company and its employees becoming stronger players within the plastics industry.

Managing Director of the SP Group A/S, Frank Gad, says that the acquisition of LM Skumplast A/S will accelerate SP Group´s growth. “We are acquiring a company that functions well and is strongly positioned because we are convinced that together we can make use of our experience in development, manufacturing and selling PUR products to strengthen our competitiveness and create an even stronger position for us internationally,“ says Managing Director Frank Gad.

In connection with the change of ownership, LM Skumplast A/S will be changing its name to Tinby Skumplast A/S.


Photo: LM Skumplast A/S in Tjæreborg has a new owner, Tinby A/S, who are a part of the SP Group A/S, a listed company. Kim Hansen (shown on the left) will continue as director of the company under its new name Tinby Skumplast A/S, with Torben Nielsen, Managing Director of Tinby A/S - in front of the large machine that moulds polyurethane panels for the insulation of refrigerated trailers and more.

For further information, please contact:

Tinby Skumplast A/S, Director Kim Hansen, tel: +45 2045 1361, mail: |

Tinby A/S, Man. Director Torben Nielsen, tel: +45 4040 3300, mail: |



About Tinby A/S | Tinby A/S has been supplying complete polyurethane solutions to clients all over the world for 45 years. Polyurethane (abbrev. PUR) is a plastic material known for its high tensile strength and durability, super efficient insulation properties, good chemical, thermal and electrical properties, and can also be produced in a very lightweight version. With its 250 employees in Denmark, the USA, China and Poland, Tinby A/S serves primarily four segments: cabinets, flex, greentech, and design.At Tinby A/S, we strive to build and optimise long term business relationships with our customers in order to provide top quality solutions customised to each individual client. Through these relationships, we'll be happy to shoulder responsibility for a large portion of the value chain - from concept, design and development to production, processing and distribution. Tinby is your guarantee for top quality and reliable delivery at competitive prices - from our factories in Denmark, Poland, China and the USA.


About SP Group A/S| The SP Group manufactures moulded items in plastic and applies surface coatings to both plastic and metal items. The SP Group is a leading supplier of prefabricated plastic wares to Danish industries. In addition, its export division is growing and it is experiencing an increased volume of manufacturing activity at its own plants in Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Latvia, Slovakia, China, the USA and Brazil. The SP Group also has sales outlets in Sweden, Norway, Holland and Canada. The SP Group is listed on NASDAQ Copenhagen, and after the 3rd quarter of 2016, had an average of 1,592 employees and approx. 1,250 registered shareholders.


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