News from Tinby


29. October 2018

On 20-27 September, Tinby Skumplast and Brdr. Bourghardt participated in the 67th edition of the IAA Fair - Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (International Automobile Exhibition), the huge trade fair for commercial vehicles in Hanover. As in many other industries, key topics of focus were automation, safety, environment, electrical mobility and new logistics and transportation concepts in cities of the future.

2,174 exhibitors from 48 different countries attended the fair - among them CEO of Tinby Skumplast, Kim Hansen along with Henrik Sköld, CEO of Brdr. Bourghardt - with visits from Michael Therkelsen, Michael Lind and Torben Nielsen.

In the transportation industry, polyurethane foam plates are used for insulation of refrigerator and freezer trucks, containers and other transportation units due to the low weight of the material and its high compressive strength. For this reason, the fair is particularly interesting for Tinby Skumplast, a known provider of this type of product, inter alia to the trailer, automobile and refrigeration industry.

At the same time, Kim Hansen and company intended to draw visitors’ attention to the savings that can be made by using an insulation material with the high insulation capacity for which PUR is known.

The fair gave Tinby Skumplast not only the opportunity to strengthen existing relationships but also to meet new customers. And according to Kim Hansen the fair went really well:

“It exceeded all expectations. The fair has had an overwhelming number of visitors and we made contact with 95 new companies, which we are working hard to process,” says Kim Hansen, CEO, Tinby Skumplast.

The IAA fair takes place every year in Hanover and Frankfurt respectively. The IAA fair in Hanover is held in even-numbered years and focuses on commercial vehicles while the Frankfurt fair, held in odd-numbered years, focuses on passenger vehicles and motorcycles. Tinby Skumplast expects to attend the Hanover fair again in 2020.