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Tinby acquires German insulation capping programme

15. January 2018


As of 1 December 2017, Tinby A/S took over the manufacturing and distribution of insulation caps from the German brand Energy Box. The caps are manufactured in highly-insulating polyurethane, one of Tinby's core areas of competence.

The Energy Box brand was previously produced and marketed by the German concern, Sinusverteiler GmbH, located in Wettringen, west of Osnabrück, from where the company serviced customers on the German market. In transferring the product programme to Tinby, Sinusverteiler has placed this task in the very capable hands of an experienced manufacturer of polyurethane insulation materials. 

Know-how and expertise in using polyurethane as an insulating material

The acquisition was a consequence of Sinusverteiler´s desire to focus their own energy on their core competency, of manufacturing district heating appliances. Therefore, for some time now, the company has been looking for an experienced manufacturer with an in-depth knowledge of the market for polyurethane insulation and, thus, contacted Tinby with a view to discussing the initiative. Tinby, who can now add the well-known Energy Box insulation caps to their range of existing products, has the necessary know-how and expertise required to continue manufacturing the highly-insulated caps for German customers, who will not experience any disruption in the supply of these products.

Wide product range

The product range includes 270 different types of insulation caps in a variety of sizes from DN15 to DN125 which fit most of the valves available on the market. Insulation caps will be manufactured at Tinby's production facility in Poland, which will, in the future, guarantee that German customers take delivery of these materials within a matter of days.


“We sincerely hope that German customers will find that we are close at hand, deliver quickly, and are competitive in terms of supply, price and quality,” says Michael V. Therkelsen, Tinby's sales and project manager.

Larger selection

Tinby's wide range of insulation materials in polyurethane is growing all the time. Thus, it includes not only insulation caps, but also insulation materials for the building projects and high-insulation stall ventilation.

“More and more people are beginning to realise just how effective an insulation material PUR is. With 45 years in the business, we have our finger on the pulse and know what's going on in the insulation market,” Therkelsen concludes.

If you would like to see the new Energy Box insulation caps, they are already available for our future German customers at

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