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We're expanding in Poland - with a new 11,000 m2 factory

14. June 2019


At Tinby, we always strive as far as possible, to keep up with the demand our clients are experiencing. That also applies to our operation in Poland, where demand is increasing rapidly. In order to be able to keep up with new developments concerning items we manufacture, we have optimized and expanded our facilities, and we held the "Grand Opening" of our new site in Stawiszcze in April. It took approx. one year to build this new 11,000 m2 factory.  

THE PUR factory is divided into three sections: Production of stall ventilation, a machine tools plant and the production of Ergomats mats, Durastripe, signs and so forth. As well as this factory, Tinby also has three other factories in Poland with a combined production area of 17,000 m2.

The expansion of our facilities in Poland is just one of several investment projects which reflect the core values of Tinby and SP Group: With production facilities in 11 countries so far, this means we can be extremely flexible and are able to involve our clients closely in the manufacturing process - and that means we can guarantee that we provide fast delivery, production based in the local community, and CO2-optimal logistics.

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