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07. May 2020

During the Coronavirus pandemic, some parts of the industry have had a relatively normal order intake while others have suffered a huge decline in revenue. Sectors such as entertainment, travels, restaurants, consumer goods and liberal professions have unfortunately either largely or completely been shut down.

Nonetheless, the development of this worldwide affliction seems to steadily be normalizing again, and everyone is discussing ways to move our everyday lives and the economy towards a “normal” state again – with a few tweaks, of course.

At Tinby, we have been lucky to keep our business up-and-running and to serve our customers from all of our production locations in Denmark, Poland, Latvia and the U.S. In China, we shut down for a week following the Chinese New Year, but have fortunately been up and running with a full production ever since. We have, however, alongside most companies, been forced to reevaluate our physical meetings and activities in all countries.

A New Normal

As of now, we are on the road again, and we hope that we can contribute to getting the world economy back on track as quickly as possible. Our sales and project team have resumed meetings and visits with customers – following government guidelines. We believe that having a constructive, practical approach to continuing our activities will help ease us all back into everyday life.

Whether you would like to discuss new or ongoing projects and/or orders, or initiate a new product development process, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our sales and project team. We are happy to both visit and be visited. If you prefer to talk or meet virtually via e.g. Skype or Teams we're also happy to accommodate this request!

Have a great day, and keep up the good work!


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