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Dynaudio's Confidence 50 wins the German Design Award Gold 2020

25. November 2020

The Danish speaker manufacturer, Dynaudio, has won the German Design Award Gold 2020 for their speaker Confidence 50 – whose baffle is produced in polyurethane at Tinby A/S. It is the third time a Danish company is recognized for a design-product produced at Tinby.


(Photo: Dynaudio)

The award is given to pioneers who contribute to the German and international design scene. According to the jury, the Confidence 50 won the German Design Award Gold 2020 because of its slim silhouette and eye-catching baffle – in the category ‘entertainment’. The jury gave special attention to the baffle made from polyurethane.

“The baffle is made out of composite material and creates an acoustic lens, designed specifically to direct the sound towards the quality-conscious listener. Every curve, edge and angle of the baffle is designed to control and optimise the sound waves perfectly.”

… as it is said in the jury’s reasoning

Polyurethane is perfect for cabinets, insulation and panels because the material has a better acoustic damping ratio compare to wood. The Confidence 50 benefits from the stiffness of the light weight of the material and its resistance towards impacts and scratches.

At Tinby we take great pleasure in all the attention directed towards Dynaudio from the design community.

- We are very excited for our costumer. It is a very nice recognition to get! The jury is experienced and critical, so to get recognized for the design quality demonstrates the successfulness of the features and solutions. To get an explicit recognition for the characteristics of the PUR is special to us, says Sales Engineer at Tinby A/S; Michael Lind.

The new Confidence series and the Gold-award recognition from German Design Award cements Dynaudio’s position amongst the best speaker manufacturers in the world. Their products exude top of the line technology, quality and luxurious surfaces – and goes with every lifestyle. It makes experiencing impressive audio possible.


(Click the logo below to read the jury’s reasoning)

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