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Tinby acquires assets in Sweden and starts Tinby Isotech AB

19. March 2020


As of 1 March 2020, Tinby A/S has taken over production equipment and inventory from Swedish Isotec i Mora AB. Isotec i Mora has more than 20 years' experience of moulding and finishing detailed items in polyurethane thereby matching Tinby’s area of competence. In connection with this and in accordance with our customers, the production of Isotec will move to Tinby’s production facilities in Denmark and Poland from where all deliveries to the Swedish market will take place.

Subsequently, Tinby A/S has taken this opportunity to set up a new subsidiary called Tinby Isotec AB, which will be responsible for sales and client projects to the Swedish market for our combined target groups.

This new constellation will allow Tinby and Tinby Isotec to offer a joint, focused effort when servicing existing and new clients in Sweden. With the addition of Tinby’s technical know-how, experience, international set-up and efficient production, we hope and expect that the newly-created Tinby Isotec AB will become a bigger, stronger player within the production and delivery of high quality polyurethane solutions to the Swedish market. This also underlines Tinby’s ambition to become a leading player in polyurethane solutions on to? the Scandinavian market.

With this new set-up, you, as a client of Tinby/Tinby Isotec, will reap the benefit of:

  • our extensive know-how and experience in manufacturing polyurethane solutions

  • high standards of quality

  • cost-effective work processes and competitive prices

  • guaranteed supply and delivery from factories in Denmark, Poland, Latvia, China and USA.

  • strong focus on development, innovation and investments in new technology

Isotec i Mora AB’s Danne Svensson will continue to service new and existing clients in Sweden through Tinby Isotec AB.


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