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Tinby supports new technologies aimed at reusing/recycling PUR

18. May 2021


Plastic is an indispensable raw material and is found all around us in the products used for everyday life; from essential protective and hospital equipment to the soles in our shoes, the dashboard in our cars, chairs around the living room, insulation in our houses, cabinets protecting electronic devices and in windmills providing us with power. To name a few.  

As a company producing plastic, it is an important priority for Tinby A/S to show responsibility for the reusing/recycling of the plastic we produce to minimize the strain on the environment. Part of the work is collaborative with the Danish Institute of Technolo about the RePURpose project and part of it by contributing to the UN's Global Sustainable Energy Goal no. 7.

By focusing on environment, sustainability and reuse/recycling and working with partners in the PUR industry, we can reach further by developing new methods of reusing and recycling PUR products. As of now, the possibilities for recycling PUR are limited and the need to develop new technologies are essential to make a difference long term. The methods do not exist today, and no one can develop them alone. The Danish Institute of Technology has published a suggestion for “Sustainable materials” in 2020 that Tinby is standing behind.