News from Tinby


24. October 2022

During week 39 Tinby was an exhibitor at WindEnergy Hamburg alongside 5 sister companies from SP Group focusing on how each of the 6 companies can accommodate new and old costumers within the wind industry. 




Why Polyurethane?

Polyurethane, in daily speech abbreviated into PUR, is thermosetting plastics with an array of specific pro- perties which make the material applicable where
other materials give up. For instance, the following PUR properties are particularly noteworthy:

High wear resistance and tensile strength
Noise and vibration reduction
Best insulation material
Sound chemical, thermal and electrical properties
Can be made with extremely low weight 32 g/l
Can replace a number of other material types
PUR possesses amazing properties and provides high quality.



At Tinby A/S, we are constantly developing new solutions for the wind industry, for example:

  • innovative elastomer solutions
  • optimized prototype solutions
  • new glass laminate solutions
  • advanced core technology in core materials
  • lightweight material and sandwich structures
  • lightning cables
  • vacuum films and bags
  • parts for covering and construction
  • balance blocks and transport components

We offer:

  • cost optimization
  • low-cost production
  • volume production
  • production from own production plants in Denmark, Poland, Latvia, China and the USA high quality


Tinby has 50 years’ experience in supplying complete Polyurethane solutions to customers all over the world.

Tinby A/S strives towards optimising and maintaining long-term partnerships with its customers for the purpose of ensuring high-quality solutions customised for the individual customer. Likewise, the company never shirks from taking responsibility for large parts of the value chain – from idea, construction and development to production, processing and distribution.

Tinby is synonymous with high quality and supply security at competitive prices – from Denmark, Poland, China and the USA.