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Tinby x Plastic Pavilion 2023

14. June 2023

Tinby is a part of the Plastic Pavilion 2023 at UIA World Congress of Architect in Copenhagen. Alongside sister companies from SP Group, we are a part of shedding a light on the crucial and inevitable part plastic plays in building, creating, and shaping a sustainable future.

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From the right: Tinby Topo Insulation Caps, PIR Window Edge Foam and PIR Insulation with shells

Plastic is an indispensable raw material and is found all around us in the products used for everyday life. At the Plastic Pavilion in Copenhagen 2023 Tinby is a part of highlighting our products for the building industry. Insulation using PUR and PIR foam improve the energy efficiency of buildings and reduce the emissions of CO2. PUR and PIR are some of the most efficient materials for insulation. It is possible to attain a high thermal performance with minimal insulation thickness by using these materials.


These products for the building industry will be at the exhibition between June 19 to July 14. You can also get a preview via following links: